Genres: horror/ thriller 

Taglines:  We are never alone. 

Director: Francesco Cinquemani
Writers: Barry Keating / Francesco Cinquemani
Cast: Julian Sands, Elva Trill, Joanna Fyllidou, Anthony Skordi, Flavia Watson, Mark Huberman, Maria Ioannou, Loris Curci, Marianna Rosset, Christina Marouchou, Kristina Godunova, Michalis Antoniou, Christopher Greco

Country: Cyprus
Language: English
Filming Locations: Cyprus


Plot summary:

Eric Lindstrom is the showrunner of a popular American paranormal TV series: The Ghosts of the New World. The host, Bruce McPherson, is a former action movie star whose career has been revitalized by the show.

Following a freak accident in the season’s finale, the Network pulls the plug on the show.

It’s a heavy blow, but Bruce manages to find a mysterious investor on the island of Cyprus, Europe, and convinces Eric, and his former wife and producer Sofia, to pick up where they left off with a new show entitled Ghosts of the Old World.

The focus of their pilot episode is the infamous Hotel Gula; a luxury residence that was closed down 25 years ago when more than a hundred people died there in mysterious circumstances.

The Hotel is now owned by a rich, eccentric couple – Frank and Rosemary Evans, whose plan is to bring the Gula back to its former glory. Alas, the Hotel is said to be haunted, which just so happens to be the ideal scenario for Eric’s new show.

What begins as a routine shoot turns into a very real and terrifying journey into the unknown.



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