Portrait of God

Relise: 2019

Slogan: Can you look truth in the face?

Tagline: Are you ready to meet the most famous man in history?

Synopsis: A modern artist is asked to go back in time to draw a life portrait of the most famous man who ever lived – Jesus Christ

Director: Roman Doronin
Writers: Roman Doronin / Marcus Jerrome
Cast: Vaslov Goom, Marianna Rosset, Alex Rezalin
Director of photography: Kirill Speranskiy
Art direction: Vadim Panteleev

Country: Cyprus
Language: English
Filming Locations: Cyprus


Plot summary:

One day a talented ARTIST meets a girl, who just happens to be a TIME TRAVELLER. According to this girl, travelling back to the past is possible.

She has developed a method of “chrono-diving” based on regressive hypnosis, where a “diver” (time traveller) goes into a trance and can “remember” his past lives.

The Time Traveller asks the Artist to get evidence of travelling back in time, because of his eidetic memory the Artist can quickly and precisely draw everything he “remembers” while being under hypnosis.

According to her theory, it is quite safe to “dive down” a few centuries.

The Time Traveller’s goal is to send the Artist back two thousand years in time and draw a true life portrait of the most famous man who ever lived – Jesus Christ.

The reason being is that the Artist, according to his genealogical data, could be one of the descendants of the Gospel’s apostle Thomas – a close friend of Jesus. It would follow that the Artist, “having remembered” what the apostle has seen, would definitely recall the face of Jesus.

During these sessions of regressive hypnosis, the Artist understands that this “diving” can be dangerous. “Deep time” can have side effects on the human mind. Moreover, it turns out that the Time Traveller is not who she claims to be. In between the hypnosis sessions the main characters try to come to a better understanding of their own lives, beliefs and love.

The characters must make decisions which could affect not just their lives, but also the lives of millions of other people.



  • Is it so necessary for the world to know this truth?
  • What could be hidden in your memory?
  • Do we need to know the details of our ancestors’ lives?
  • Could it be that Jesus is still amongst us, and that he has simply lost his memory and forgot who he is?
  • Or could it be that the Divine is present in all of us? Is it possible to discover God in yourself, and how would this discovery change your abilities?
  • If everybody has a “spark of God” in them, could it lead to fire which would “burn” us out?
  • Can this practice of regressive hypnosis be trusted altogether?

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