Genres: thriller, about spies, adventures 

Duration: 90 min

Stage: in development

Plot summary:

40 years ago, the huge Zenobia ferry sank off the coast of Cyprus under mysterious circumstances. The camera crew of the American reality show flies to the island to reveal the secret of the disaster. The producer of the show has information that the “black box” of the ship has not yet been found. The granddaughter of the former ship captain is sure that the device is hidden somewhere on board the ferry. She wants to decrypt the data of the "black box", find out the truth about the tragedy and restore the reputation of her family. But this information can harm the intelligence services of several countries. Intelligence agents have secretly controlled the ferry situation for many years. They are willing to do a lot to keep the secret. And this is not all the trouble waiting for the film crew. The local criminal world thinks that Americans are aware of some treasure in the holds of the ferry. Bandits demand to give them a share of the profit. And also a couple of hired killer fanatics arrive in Cyprus. They were sent by the head of a religious sect, who was imprisoned due to exposure in a previous episode of the show. Fanatics want to avenge and kill the host of the show (a famous Hollywood actor).





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